Skinny Piggy Brownies

A Destination


The Skinny Piggy introduces a new  concept to Taylor St. that allows you to make your own creation. Select from our various menu items which include cupcakes, cookies, brownies, malts, sundaes, candy, and cheesecake! Once you choose,  you're able to decorate it to your liking from our huge selection of toppings. The combinations are endless and are only limited by your imagination.  We've created a place where we can watch you choose, decorate, and smile!

We offer specialty items that include, table side marshmallow roasting and chocolate chip cookie bowl sundaes!  Furthermore, we carry Illy coffee and espressos, free Wi-Fi with charging stations for yoru electronic devices.  

In this installment of the Taylor Street Showcase, we stop by The Skinny Piggy bakery located at 1214 W. Taylor Street at the corner of Taylor & Racine to find out about their menu and sample some sweets!